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School-to-Work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro

Who can benefit

Persons with disabilities; Employers offering jobs to persons with disabilities; Governmental organizations and policy makers, Education and training for persons with disabilities; Academic community (Higher Education Institutions, Institute for rehabilitation).

The portal accesses the database, which is in accordance with the needs of persons with disabilities and opens the possibility for their employment. On the other hand, employers can identify positions that are open and accessible to persons with disabilities.

Portal helps plan training programs for persons with disabilities in each country where the project is implemented. It makes a significant contribution to the identification of the skills necessary for persons with disabilities to realize the prerequisites for employment, and increases their mobility in society and employment.

Portal at the level of each partner country electronically connects employers, persons with disabilities and persons who will be responsible for the development of educational programs for persons with disabilities.

Persons with disabilities
(students and graduate students)
Higher Education Institutions in three countries

Web portal

Web portal is designed to meet the needs and enable the use of persons with disabilities and help in employment.

Employers identify positions that are open and accessible to persons with disabilities, fulfilling a structured form, which defines the qualifications needed to hire a person with disabilities in a particular position.

Persons with disabilities access the web portal and than register by themselves to ensure that training needs are identified and reconciled with available employment opportunities. In this way, the portal will help in planning a training program for a persons with disabilities in each partner county.

Portal makes a significant contribution to identifying the skills needed by persons with disabilities to achieve the ultimate goal, and that is employment, which will increase their social and labor mobility.

Project summary

The main target group of this project is a wide group of existing and future graduates with disabilities and employers from the private and public sectors.

The aim of the Trans2Work project is to:

  • a) prepare and promote Higher education institutions in order to support students with disabilities in their transition from faculty to workplace by using and monitoring standards and policies of the European Union;
  • b) to link Higher education with a work environment that is suitable for persons with disabilities;
  • c) assimilates transition opportunities and skills with the practices and policies of the European Union;
  • d) prepare employers to better understand the needs of persons with disabilities in order to create and to offer them new jobs.

Project goals

Identifying and analyzing the needs of employers and students with disabilities by helping:

  • a) employers to find suitable persons for specific jobs, as well as to meet the specific requirements of employers,
    b) students with disabilities to identify their own interests and educational needs;
  • Training of teaching staff, employers and students with disabilities to manage their careers;
  • Strengthening the role of career centers and the role of mentors;
  • Informing employers about the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities;
  • Informing and motivating employers to take part in the transition of students with disabilities to the labor market and increase the employability of this category of students.


Find a job even today

Your first step...

Log in and search the job database

When registering, fill out a form with your data, type of disability and education acquired.

The information obtained is related to your account and is intended to facilitate the connection with interested employers.

Portal is intended for?

Counseling during education and job search assistance

  • Students with disabilities
  • Graduated students with disabilities
    (up to 5 years after graduation)

8 higher education institutions in 3 countries (SRB, BIH, MNE)

What next?

Upon registration, you will be invited to consult with a mentor

The mentor, after consultations and your wishes, offers you options from job offers.

During the employment process, the mentor can organize training and consultations with higher education staff.

Persons with disabilities

You study at the end of your studies, or have graduated, and want to get a job as soon as possible. Job offers for persons with disabilities are very specific.

Take advantage of our base, help mentors and persons from higher education institutions to connect you with interested employers. The highest numbers of companies that offer jobs for persons with disabilities.

If you have studied at one of the ours partner institutions, take all possible help that we provide.

Sign in and search the job offers

Login on the portal

Just by logging in you are entitled to access to a unique database of jobs for persons with disabilities.

Using the portal

After logging in, you will be connected to mentor who will guide you through your path to employment.


During the whole time of job search, the mentor will advise and suggest interested employers.

Successful employment

Matching the candidate profile the job offer of employers, candidate can also have training and consultations for best preparation .the candidate can also be referd to the preparation of the employer.


Take the chance.

"Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do at least one thing well, someone needs you."

Martina Navratilova

Do you need a quality staff? Did you know that among persons with disabilities, there are persons with a degree that might perfectly fit in your work environment.

Get many legal benefits and get a good worker by giving a chance for work to a person with disabilities.

Sign in and search the staff categories

Organizations that are offering jobs to persons with disabilities


If you have 20 or more employees, by employing a person with disabilities you fulfill your legal obligation defined by the law on professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.

  • The employment of persons with disabilities give contribution to the integration of persons with disabilities in society.
  • By employing persons with disabilities, you eliminate prejudice and make our society better for everyone.
  • By employing a highly educated person with disabilities, you hire a person who during his education has proven to be ready for all the business and life challenges ahead.
  • By employing a persons with disabilities, you show that your company is socially responsible, and respecting all the differences in both the company itself and society.

Employment of persons with disabilities represents a double profit for the employer:

  • Wage subsidy for every person with disabilities and other benefits
  • Exemption from the obligation to pay a special contribution

A link between the two interested parties.

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Provides an assessment of working ability
  • If necessary, informs the employer of the necessary adaptations of the working environment
  • Timely informs the employer of all the problems encountered during the work
  • Respects the law
  • Consult the mentor
  • Mentor
  • maintains training and consultation with persons with disabilities
  • Contact the persons with disabilities
  • Contact the employers
  • Maintains the base and proposes the job offers
  • Cooperates with teachers
  • Each institution has a mentor
  • Employer
  • Respects diversity in the way of doing business
  • Ensures equal working conditions for all employees
  • If necessary, architectural or by asestivne technology adapts the workplace
  • Respects the law
  • Consult the mentor


The mentor continuously works to establish contacts between employers and persons with disabilities. It provides information on the legal basis and possibilities for employment of persons with disabilities. Provides information about asetivnoj technology and ways of adapting the workplace.

For this purpose, a series of activities are organized:

  • developing programs that are involving mentors and students with disabilities
  • procedures are defined according to the obligations of the mentor
  • performs an evaluation and assessment of the mentoring programs
  • provides technical support to mentors and workspace for their work with students with disabilities
  • availability of appropriate equipment for students with disabilities
  • promoting the ideas and goals of employment of graduates with disabilities


Trans2Work - University of Montenegro

Telephone: +382 (0) 20 414 255

E-mail: Hidden E-mail@gmail.com